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Thank you for your interest in our network which is comprised of 5-Fold Ministry and Market Place Ministry.  If you would like more information about the vision of our network, please goto our website at www.apostolicnetworkkit.com and make an online appointment for one of our services.

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The Order of Melchizedek Here:


Giftings Test for 5-Fold Ministry:

As the apostolic is a call to serve, we have compiled a series of questions that will help the individual understand their giftings in the 5-Fold Ministry.  After you take the test, (remember you are on the “honor” sytem), please fax to 800-379-0166 and our staff will discuss with you where your strengths are within the 5-Fold Ministry. 

Only serious students need to take this test.  If you are not sure if you are called to the 5-Five Fold Ministry, we do suggest you take our over all ministry giftings test.  Links are provided below. Please fax ministry giftings test to 800-379-0166 and make sure you fill out inquiry below stating that you have taken the test(s).  Thanks again for your interest in Receiving Power for Action Apostolic Network.

PDF HERE (five fold)

Do you know what your gifts are or do desire to move in the gifts of the Spirit?

Many in the body of Christ today are not active in their churches because they do not know that the Holy Spirit can use a person in so many ways.  We must do our “research” in the Scriptures and find out through our Lord and Savior what we are supposed to do in order to serve in His church.  We have provided a simple excercise through a series of questions that will guide individuals in the area of spiritual giftings.  Once you have taken the test and placed your answers on the answer key, just contact our office to discuss your findings.  We will be glad to assist you in this spiritual journey to spiritual giftings.

PDF HERE (Interview of Giftings)

PDF HERE (Giftings)

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