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Ready for Easter

Ready for Easter


When was the last time you told yourself, "I am going to get my act together and be more serious with my walk with Christ" or "I am going to start going to Church more consistently this year" or "I am going to draw closer to the Lord this year, for Real!"  Whether we said those statements out loud or inside our head, we all feel that at times our commitment to the Lord is at times waning or at best Lacking.  This is the time of the year again where we take introspection and look within as to our True Christian walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.  I am well aware that with many of us, we need more of Him and "less" of ourselves.  God gives us all the opportunity to come to a reality check and then make a decision to do something about it.  If you ever need a second, third, fourth or fifth chance to make your calling and election sure with Christ, then i have a simple solution for you today - Consecration!

This is Lent season and many in the Christian Faith has already celebrated Ash Wednesday, which takes us towards Easter Sunday.  Have you considered Fasting and Prayer for your Consecration? I am giving as a solution to wanting to draw closer to the Lord with a simple schedule of prayer and fasting with small little commitments leading up to Easter Sunday.  I call it a 40 Day Soul Fast.  Starting on March 13 our church will be engaged in a Consecration activity that involves praying, fasting and activities that draw us closer to the Lord Jesus in all practicality.  We have developed a calendar of events leading up to Easter or Resurrection Sunday.  If you would like to participate then please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and we will send you the schedule.  If you are new to fasting then we always suggest you consult your physician or care giver before doing so.

Again, I truly believe you will be revived in your soul and refreshed in your body, being led by the spirit to know that the Lord Jesus is near.

God bless you,

Bishop Leon Benjamin 

New Life Harvest


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